Great Prices on New, Used & Rebuilt Import Auto Parts in Toronto

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New, used or rebuilt, Top Japanese Auto Parts has what you need at prices you won’t find anywhere else. We keep a vast selection of parts in stock for various makes and models. On the off chance that we don’t have what you need in stock, we will do whatever it takes to get it for you.

From Engines to Suspension, We Have What You Need

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The impressive inventory of Top Japanese Auto Parts includes engines, transmissions, body parts and suspension. From fuel pumps to quarter panels, you can find them here. We’ve included our complete parts list on this page for you to review. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or just stop by and see us. Our one-stop shop also offers towing and parts installations with our licensed, on-site mechanic.



Top Japanese Auto Parts carries all the new, used and rebuilt parts you need, including:


• Absorber front
• Absorber rear
• AC fan
• Airbag – steering wheel
• Airbag – dashboard
• Airbag – driver seat
• Airbag – passenger roof
• Airbag – driver roof
• Alternator
• Ball joints
• Bumper bracket front (LH)
• Bumper bracket front (RH)
• Bumper filler front (LH)
• Bumper filler front (RH)
• Bumper front
• Bumper rear
• Catalytic converter front
• Catalytic converter rear
• Catalytic converter main
• CV axle (RH)
• CV axle (LH)
• Cluster / speedometer
• Condenser
• Distributor
• Door glasses
• Door mirror power heated
• Door mirror power heated
• Door mirror power (LH)
• Door mirror power (RH)
• Door regulator power (FR)
• Engine mounts
• Engine splash guards
• Exhaust system (catalytic
   convertor, flex pipe,
   resonator, muffler)


• Fender (LH)
• Fender Liner (LH)
• Fender Liner (RH)
• Fender (RH)
• Filters
• Fuses
• Fuse box
• Fog lamp cover (LH)
• Fog lamp cover (RH)
• Fog lamp (LH)
• Fog lamp (RH)
• Fuel filler neck
• Fuel pump
• Grilles
• Grille lower
• Grille mouldings
• Grille centre
• Head lamp (LH)
• Head lamp (RH)
• Hid kits
• Hood
• Hood hinge (LH)
• Hood hinge (RH)
• Light bulbs
• Light bulbs hid
• Lower control arm (FR)
• Quarter panel (R-LH)
• Quarter panel (R-RH)
• Rad fan
• Rad support cover upper
• Rad support
• Radiator
• Rebar bracket (FR-LH)
• Rebar bracket (FR-RH)
• Rebar FR
• Rebar R
• Side markers
• Spoiler rear
• Spoiler front
• Steering wheel
• Starter motors
• Sway bar link (RH)
• Sway bar link (LH)
• Tail lamp (LH)
• Tail lamp (RH)
• Tie rod end (RH)
• Tie rod end (LH)
• Trailing arm (LH)
• Trailing arm (RH)
• Transmission
• Transmission mounts
• Throttle body
• Trunk lamp (LH – back-up
• Trunk Lamp (RH – back-up
• Trunk lid
• Upper control arms
• Washer tank
• Wheel bearing and hub rear
• Wheel bearing and hub
• Wheel bearing front
• Wheel bearing rear
• Windshield glasses
• Wiper arm
• Wiper blade
• Wiper linkage
• Wiper motor